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Blizzard débute l'année en force avec le dévoilement d'un tout nouveau personnage pour son jeu multijoueur de bataille en arène, Heroes of the Storm. Le Caporal Miles ''Blaze'' Lewis se joindra donc prochainement à ce populaire MOBA de Blizzard, tout comme une nouvelle rustine (patch) qui débarquera le 8 janvier prochain.

Énormément de modifications seront apportées à Heroes of the Storm, je vous invite à cliquer sur le lien ci-dessous pour en découvrir tout son contenu. BattleNetHeroes

Concernant le nouveau héros Blaze, voici la description de ses habiletés :

(Q) Flame Stream: Blaze fires two streams of pure fire in any given direction, dealing modest damage to foes. He won't damage his teammates, but hitting a friendly Hero will reduce his Pyromania cooldown.

(W) Oil Spill: Oops, someone made him ink! Blaze will spill oil right in front of him, which slows down opponents. He can also use Flame Stream to ignite the oil, causing area-of-effect damage to his enemies and healing himself.

(E) Jet Propulsion: Blaze can charge shoulder-first right into the fray at a faster-than-normal speed. This takes a moment to start up, though. If he hits an enemy Hero, he'll stun them and cause minor damage.

(R1) Bunker Drop: Blaze calls down a defensive bunker that can house him and his teammates. The bunker itself can fire flamethrowers in multiple directions. If the coast is clear, everyone can exit the bunker and will have increased armor.

(R2) Combustion: Blaze can charge up and release a massive blast, causing initial burst damage and tinkering away at opponents' health over time. Combustion can be held down to increase its blast radius, but Blaze's movement will be slowed while he charges.

Voici un aperçu ''en jeu'' de ce fameux Blaze, lequel n'a pas de date d'arrivée annoncée :