Des développeurs donnent leur avis sur le disque dur SSD et l’audio de la PS5

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 Dans une nouvelle vidéo diffuse sur le blogue de PlayStation, des développeurs de partout discutent sur les avantages du disque dur SSD et de la technologie audio Tempest 3D Audio Tech. Comme vous pourrez le constater, ces derniers semblent apprécier cette nouvelle technologie qui ouvrira les portes aux futures du jeu vidéo.



Voici quelques une des citations de ces développeurs :

‘’Beyond near-instant loading and fast-travel, the SSD and its speed allow us to more quickly load and display more detailed assets. This should lead to the city looking better than ever, and this is just the beginning for our team unlocking those possibilities. It’s a fundamental change that we can’t wait to take more advantage of in the years to come.”— Brian Horton // Creative Director, Marvel’s Spider-Man: Miles Morales

“As developers [of Demon’s Souls], we are already changing the way we think about the SSD. We see it not just as storage but also memory, utilizing the speed of the SSD to load data at blistering speeds, bringing you straight back into the action to avenge your many deaths.”— Gavin Moore // Creative Director, SIE Japan Studio

“A bit further into the next generation I’m expecting we’ll start seeing developers make more use of the not-so-obvious benefits of the SSD. This is what excites me the most! What does it mean for developers when everything can be loaded from the disk that fast? Will we even need the concept of “levels” anymore?.... The possibilities for this tech are exciting for me as a developer, and exhilarating for me as a gamer.”— Ari Arnbjörnsson // Lead Programmer, Returnal

“The ability to layer the music even more deeply with dozens of different states reacting to areas and enemy levels make for an environment that’s even more lush and mesmerizing. The players can use these cues to prepare accordingly in the hopes that they might live another day.”— Julian Maroda // Creative Director and CEO, Norsfell

“Now with the PS5 console’s Tempest 3D AudioTech sound engine we’ll be able to play sounds in such a way that players will be able to locate the machines around them with greater ease, which is great for situations in which you find yourself surrounded or just want to sneak on machines.”— Mathijs de Jonge // Game Director, Guerrilla

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